The Day!

The day is finally here! In a few hours, we will be boarding the airplane and flying for 12ish hours.

On the flight, I plan on finishing Jane Eyre and sleeping the rest of the way. For the past few days, I’ve been consuming small slices of garlic here and there because I heard it can keep the dreaded mosquitoes at bay…  I just wish that I will not be shunned by my fellow passengers but a girl has got to do what she has to do when she’s allergic to mosquitoes.

Last night we went to see Seattle’s Gas-works celebration of America’s Independence Day on top of Company X, where my dad works at. Some of the brilliant fireworks looked like cherries, strawberries, live brushes, and even fans! The warm evening air and the bubbling of the guests made it an even more relaxing last night to spend here in Seattle…

Yesterday's sunset
Yesterday’s sunset
image image image imaget .

Alright! Wish us a safe flight and see you soon!

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