Hallelujah! WordPress works!

Finally! WordPress was not working at all these past few days despite using a VPN… Now it is!! I cannot guarantee that WordPress will load again so please bear with me! So much has happened already in Beijing and I am super excited to share with you all! Below accounts for what happened the first day:

Good morning!! I woke up at 5:30 AM today from the heat and the insistent chirping of the birds. Found quite a decent amount of people up and exercising already!

Last night (7pm in Beijing) we arrived at the airport and our aunt came to pick us up. The first thing that hit me was this familiar neutral smell, which, as I learned in psychology, was a tigger odor. Instantly, I recalled so many memories from my 2008 China trip. Anyways, I have to say that I…overdressed in the anticipation of an attack of Mosquitos: white walking shoes, long black track pants, tie-dyed t-shirt with a long white cardigan. I probably looked like a maniac! Everyone else was dressed for the weather. (Good thing is that I am new-mosquito-bites free).image image image image image image

Afterwards, we got settled at my aunt’s apartment that had so many delicate decorations she had accumulated on her trips around the world. The flooring is designed as if it is a leather bag, with stitchings around the square tile borders. There is even a large fish tank with gigantic gold fishes or koi fishes.

WordPress is luckily not blocked. However, the entire website looks like it was designed with basic HTML because I can only see words and links, not the fancy graphics, colors, or buttons. Skype, Outlook, Nike training, Blogilates app, and weather are the only apps that worked.

I will post about my week so far in Beijing next!

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