Going to Nanjing

Today was the last day in Beijing. We went to Tiananmen Square and was going to tour the Forbidden City but alas, we did not know we had to present our passport at the ticket booth and we did not bring ours. I was really looking forward on seeing the antiques and architectures!! Hopefully the next time we come to Beijing, which is our last destination before we leave for Seattle, we can go visit.

Two days ago, our big aunt brought us to the Summer palace and the whole grandeur of the palaces and details from the pagodas down to the very carvings of the white stones overwhelmed me. The palace is located on a high altitude. The entire land mass on which it is situated include a gigantic lake, and a bunch of smaller rivers and ponds. Upon these lakes are the kind of pink lotus flowers that you often see in Chinese paintings but not in real life. Towards the end of the day, there were lesser visitors so walking on the stone path in the little twists and turns in the ancient forests (the magnificent trees were supported with lots of metal poles) was very peaceful– you will forget all about the noisy cars and pollution right outside. The Summer Palace is unquestionably one of my favorite aspects of Beijing! If you have any chance to come visit China, the Summer Palace is a must see!

Anyways, that night, we went to have Yunnan dinner at a decent resteraunt, however, somehow I got an upset stomach that progressively got worse. Hope it will go away soon.image image image image

We will be leaving for Nanjing tomorrow!

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