Visiting my Grandparents in Nanjing

Good evening from Nanjing! It has been 3 days since I arrived. Most of my relatives from Dad’s side reside here and it is such a wonderful feeling to be with so many family members! Yesterday around 10am, we took the bus (for the first time in China this time) and walked a bit to see my grandparents. I could not remember anything (anything!!) about the surrounding qu (community) but I do remember the interior of the house where they live in. My grandpa and grandma were much more frail yet they still talked with flamboyance and lots of energy– it’s almost as if their energy belie their 80-something years. Makes me very happy. After we all met and embraced, my grandpa brought out a notebook of poemsimage imageuthat he wrote, along with poems that my great-grandpa (who lived to be 103 years old!) wrote. They were all so hard to understand as the language is pretty ancient. There was one poem that my great-grandpa wrote that gave the secret to longevity: Sleep early, wake early; dress with the weather; eat until 70-80% full; and don’t dwell on failures, grudges, or anything that cause you to be unhappy (I would also like to add that he walked 10 miles a day early in the morning). Wouldn’t it be nice if life wasn’t as fast paced as it is now?? Even though you can take a vacation now and then, you still worry about the work that will be waiting for you when you come back… Something like this, I am sure many people dream of, yet it is so hard to change that in this age…

Anyways, I was starting to wonder if I would ever get a mosquito bite– no sooner than said when last night, a deadly mosquito buzzed like #^&$ and bit me thrice and my sister twice, all of which are hurting and beginning to pus up. Man, I got to be more careful! My body produces wayyyyy too much histamine for its own good.

Also, I realize that I am bloating quite a lot because I don’t drink enough water. I think there is a H2O-phobia in the back of my mind when I am in China. Something about the water is just uncanny even though it’s been boiled or filtered…

I hope you are all doing swell and boy, I sure miss dried prunes and bananas!

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