Last day in Nanjing 

 I am so sad to be leaving Nanjing tomorrow morning!! Even though the landmarks here really were impactful and will stay in my mind forever (today we went to see the Nanjing Massacre Memorial), it was the people who made it truly a wonderful and memorable experience. I will miss my grandparents extremely as well as all my uncles and aunts and “other sisters” (cousins). If you are ever reading this, Zhao Jing Mei, I want to thank you so much for accompanying us during our travels around Nanjing, as well as your family for letting my sister and I stay at your place. I love you all so much. I can’t wait to see you again in America perhaps during Winter break. I hope you stay safe and have a great time at Colombia U.! (P.S. Wear the weird shirt we got you!) Rebecca, I also hope we will meet again soon when you come visit from Ontario! Good luck at Waterloo! I had so much fun talking to you especially about you-know-what!

Today, we went to see the Chinese movie called: The Monkey King: the Hero Returns, which is about a different (animated film) version of the classic tale. It was better than I had expected! I will be “pro bu ji dai” de waiting for the next movie to come out because of the giant cliffhanger at the end. We then had Korean BBQ at the top of a large shopping center, similar to Bell Square, called Wanda. Then we bought some stuff at a store called Wanli. The clothing there was cheap in price, yet made of high-quality. Plus, everything actually fit me and looked really nice. It was also the first time I ever had to share a fitting room with two other stranger ladies. They were super nice despite feeling a bit awk and even started a conversation with me! Now that, you cannot find in America.

Immediately after shopping, we went to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial. I was so, so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of Nanjing people who were raped, tortured, and killed in the most gruesome ways ever. Over 300,000 people were murdered during the Japanese invasion. That is half of how many people are in Seattle right now. Back then, almost all of the native Nanjing people were wiped out… I don’t feel comfortable to go into details, but lots of authors (including a young lady of 30-something years who got depression and committed suicide on completion of her book in 2004), foreigners, and “unsafe” international refugee camp volunteers described their experience as “unimaginable” that the enemies would kill citizens in the most diabolic ways. On the wall in one room, there displayed a quote from the famous German officer who helped treat and house refugees, “what has happened can be forgiven, but what has happened can never be forgotten.” I wish that the whole world will work together to prevent war and promote peace and harmony…

We had our last supper with my grandparents at my other aunt and uncle’s house. I finally tried clams and fish eggs. After dinner, everyone slowly migrated to the living room and began a lively discussion about the cultural differences and our future. It was pretty fun and eye opening to be included in the adults circle. As I watched them talk, I realized that it would be many, many years until we would see each other again. However, I hope that our reunion will be soon! I love Nanjing and all my relatives so much!

Alright, got to take a shower and get ready for my trip tomorrow!

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