Tongren life

Our trip from Nanjing (oh, I love that place so, so much) to Tongren on the high speed, rail train (traveling at 303 km!!) was comfortable and I snapped some pastoral pictures of pristine waters and foggy mountains with my iPod. The one you see in the banner of this post is my favorite; its unedited (I know, can’t believe it!)image image image image

It has been a few days since we arrived and settled down at my other grandparents’ house. (Or actually, loft, since the size of China cannot accommodate individual housing to account for its huge population.) Compared to the old house, this is pretty new and really nice. I am thankful because there are way less Mosquitos that can wonder through our windows.

 Tongren is very different from what I had remembered it to be– there’s a lot more construction cranes, cement walls built around construction sites, and buildings in the process of being built. Gone are the chickens wondering aimlessly in little creeks…. 
These past few days have been very relaxing if not a little stagnate because we are not traveling outside everyday. It’s finally time to settle down and prep for the coming school year. There’s not much to see except for the beautiful scenary from our floor… Maybe a little too much is exposed by the large windows since the shower is right next to them. Definitely felt a bit weird showering last night in that bathroom. However, it’s unquestionably not a bad place to go potty. 

Ahh… Such is my life in Tongren so far.  I hope to post something soon about the cultural aspects that I have noticed so far in China… Pretty interesting and different. 

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