Swollen ankle, creepy palace, grandpa’s friend, and going to Zhangjiajie (!!) 

This is just goin. To be a quick update as I will have loads more to say in a few days!

 My mosquito bites on my legs are basically all good now, which is a miracle! However, the one on my right ankle is now swollen the size of a kiwi, shape wise, and pussy. After dinner yesterday and as with all other evenings, virtually everyone come out and stroll around all through the night until around 11pm. (You can imagine the pain I had–limping on the streets) We saw old people dancing in squares, people of all ages shopping and walking on the streets. Particularly, right down our apartment is a center where a carnival takes place every night and lights up the whole square. Sharon and I rode on the swing-that-flies-up-in-circles and on weird lighted carts. It is quite a sight and everyone’s mood is lifted despite a weary day of work. I enjoy this custom a lot because it can help people relax physically and mentally and also help them digest after meals, whereas in Seattle, and America in general, after dinner, people either get right back to working-from-home or lounge in front of the TV. 
But anyways, the old, palace fashioned “KTV club” near where we were at was lighted up from head to toe with flashing neon lights that make illusions such as water dripping or spiraling colors around and around each level. On the opposite buildings hung lighted red lanterns. That night, the clouds were like separated cotton balls and the moon was unusually big. This, along with the uniquely lighted up buildings and large cobblestoned walkways, gave the place a creepy, story-book feel…that is, if you took away the sounds of children laughing in the background! I wanted to capture the picture so bad, but it was so dark. 
Backing up two days ago, we went to see grandpa’s best friend a few blocks away. He was very funny and surprisingly very sturdy. Then I came to find out that he lived on the 6th story in an apartment without elevators. They gave us large bananas, large grapes, medium sized watermelon, and medium sized honey melon. Their house was actually very spacious and also remodeled. Their granddaughter was their that day and Sharon and I were very delighted to chat with someone our age. She was very kind and before we went, gave each of us a werewolf-baby-doll key chain. I loved her room because they remodeled her balcony to be her study space– so spacious and private! 

Oh, and we also went to see Monster Hunt. Alright, because it was a little cheesy but I liked the actors themselves. Chinese movie theaters always have sweet popcorn.
Alright, in a few minutes, we will be going (finally!) to Zhangjiajie and staying for a night. I am so glad to finally be able to go since I have been holed up at home and studying all day. Hope I will be brave enough to walk the glass bridge!

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