What I found on a little walk after dinner

I just finished my morning studies and writing this post with a nose that keeps running away… My cold has not gone away yet, and is progressively getting worse. I hope I can squeeze some extra errands in before I get a headache. 

Since I am mostly at my grandparents’ and sometimes around town these days instead of traveling afar, I find that I am not getting quite enough movement each day as I want to stay healthy (and “burn” all those delicious snacks I’ve stored around my body). I decided to (finally) follow the Nike Training club app’s customizable 4 week workouts. Every day, I have to wait a little after lunch, which is a little after 11 AM, when grandpa goes to take his afternoon snooze and grandma takes her walk outside in the park, in order to exercise at home. I find it more comfortable to be alone while working out. Problem is, this time is right when the sun blazes down on earth, directly above the city so by the time I am finished, I look like I took a shower without drying myself with a towel. 

I found  some hot stuff on my grandparents’ balcony/study hall the other day during sunset. Gave them a photoshoot.

 The foods I have been loving here are: 


Little plums

Sweet little zongzi-like food


Pulled pork on egg-sponge-cake with cream (not my favorite part though) in the middle
I’m also proud to say that I can eat a little more spicier food now…because I’m at Guizhou.
Last night, we went out for a walk after dinner and happened to go to “buxingjie” which has local vendors on our left and clothing stores right on our right. Wondering around, I bought a few items, including this peculiar cobalt-blue shoes (on sale for 19¥!). There was some really peculiar shops that sold peculiar clothing, though unlike the other “unique” clothing items we usually see here. I thought it really encompassed what my personality is on the inside and so I really wanted to get something from the store. Sad thing is, each clothing started from around $50 USD. Not going to spend that much. 

 Then, I bought a pair of small earrings from a stand on the left for 10¥ because I thought it was actually pretty cheap for such cute earrings (around $1.75) but then realized that I should have bargained… Well, I learned my lesson and to make myself feel better, I thought of the family that the woman had to support with her earnings, etc. When we walked back, I found a cool bakery shop that had a coffee shop ambiance. The pastries– oh my… I just salivated while gazing at them. They costed a little more than I would spend and most were sold out so the variety of pastries wasn’t very much.

Right now, I will have to get ready and meet my cousins to explore the other side of Tongren. Cannot wait to share what I find soon!

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